Skate City Night! 3/7
Posted on 01/27/2024
What’s up, Gateway?! Get ready to roll out in style and take over Skate City Aurora for an exclusively Gateway night! Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 7th, from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM because this is the vibe check you've been waiting for.
Gateway Exclusive: This party is just for us, Olys.
Attendance Flex: Gotta have that 80% daily attendance this quarter to snag your ticket. Show up in class, then show off your moves.
Attendance Perk: Rocking a 95% attendance or better? That's worth a $3 discount because we reward the dedicated 💯
Discounted Grub: Fuel up with pizza, hot dogs, chips, and candy at prices that won’t break your bank.
Music on Lock: You control the beats! The DJ will be spinning a Gateway Spotify playlist created by YOU. Hit us with those tracks you wanna groove to, and let’s make it a night to remember.
$10 each ($7 for 95% attendance or better)
GoFan App: Slide into the GoFan app for a smooth, hassle-free purchase. Cards and cash apps accepted. Your student ID # is your access code.

In Person: More of a cash person? No worries. The bookkeeper’s got you. Bring that cash and secure your spot.
This is more than just a skate night; it’s a chance to chill, show off your skills, and vibe with the entire Gateway squad on wheels. So, let’s make it a night of slick moves, cool tunes, and epic memories. 🌟