The Exceptional Student Services Department helps prepare students for their post-secondary goals.

We provide a continuum of services and supports to meet the needs of our students including self-contained, supportive classrooms to mild and moderate support in the general education classroom setting. We also offer co-taught classes taught by both general education and special education teachers as well as core replacement classes as needed.

We also have a team of dedicated paraprofessionals, special service providers including psychologists, a school nurse, social workers and speech and language pathologists tosupport our students. We also have an itinerant occupationaltherapist, physical therapist and vision & hearing and adaptive physical educational professionals.

Case managers and service providers meet regularly and collaborate with teachers, parents, counselors, service providers and administration to provide specialized instructions based on each student's IEP.

We are committed to preparing students for their post-secondary lives, including education, career readiness, and independent living skills. Gateway offers the following programming:

  • Mild/Moderate Needs

  • ILC (Intellectual and Cognitive Needs)

  • DLC/SSN (Significant Cognitive and Physical Needs)

  • Affective Needs (Emotional Needs)

  • Autism (Levels 1-3)