Course Selection


Course selection for the following school year begins around February. Typically, counselors will present to 9th and 10th graders about their course options and then conduct one on one meetings with students to gather their course requests. 11th grade students will meet individually with their counselor or in a small group to review credits and courses available (junior meetings).
How to prepare for course selection:
  • Ask your core content teachers if they recommend honors, AP, concurrent enrollment etc.
  • Preview the APS Course Planning Guide to get ideas (not all courses are offered in our building)
  • Think about which courses might help with future career goals
Schedule Repairs


Students will have the opportunity to work with their counselor during the first week of school to make any necessary schedule repairs. Appropriate schedule repairs are limited to the following scenarios:
  • Student does not meet the prerequisite for the scheduled course
  • Student requires a change to meet graduation requirements
  • Adding class where space is available without changing other courses
  • Adding a class to create a consecutive schedule
  • Dropping a class because of double-scheduling
  • Dropping a class because credit was earned in summer school or outside of Gateway
  • Course level misplacement
  • Health-related concern
*Schedules were created based on the classes that were selected by students in the Spring last year. Schedules will NOT be adjusted because students are no longer interested in taking a course they registered for, or because they do not like the period the class was assigned. We also cannot move classes to accommodate a request for a particular lunch period.