Located in the heart of Gateway High School, our College & Career Center guides all students along their four-year journey by unlocking their curiosity and supporting their passion for college, career, or the military.

Our dedicated College & Career staff provide individualized, evidenced-based assistance to help students and families make informed decisions about their futures.

How can the College & Career Center help you?

If your next step is college:  If your next step is a career:  If your next step is the military: 
  • On-campus and virtual college visits
  •  Mock interviews
  • Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines information sessions
  • In-person and virtual meetings with college representatives
  • Resume report
  • In-person and virtual recruiter meetings
  • SAT preparation
  • Soft skills workshops
  • ASVAB test prep
  • College search assistance
  • Career assessments
  • Military-specific career and scholarship exploration
  • One-on-one application support
  • Job, internship & apprenticeship opportunities
  • Scholarship and financial aid support
  • Soft skills workshops
  • Access program for our highest-achieving students