The shared mission of Aurora Public Schools and Gateway High School is that all students graduate with an individualized post-secondary plan and the valuable credentials necessary to open doors to colleges and careers.

Now more than ever, it is critical that students receive some form of post-secondary education to make themselves competitive in our 21st-century knowledge-based economy. That is the reason Gateway High School is expanding our college-level concurrent enrollment opportunities for all students next year.

What is "concurrent enrollment?"

Concurrent enrollment refers to any high school academic program where students are enrolled in both high school and college courses simultaneously. Gateway students currently have opportunities to take various courses through the Community College of Aurora (CCA), Pickens Technical College, Metro State University, and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and earn both high school and college credit. Next year, Gateway is expanding the number of on-campus CCA opportunities available to students; our goal is to make it as easy as possible for students to enroll in college courses by providing additional school-day on-campus courses in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Art. This way students can count on the support of Gateway staff and avoid the hassle of commuting to and from an off-site college campus.

What are the benefits of concurrent enrollment?

There are many benefits for students enrolling in concurrent enrollment courses.

  • Students and families can save thousands of dollars on tuition and fees. As just one example, a semester three-credit college course typically costs a CCA student ~$600 including books and fees (and even more at universities). The same course taken with Gateway instructors would be absolutely free. What's more, if a highly motivated student takes college courses early and often and ends up earning their associate's degree (60 credits), they will have saved their family over $36,000! Similarly, students enrolling in Pickens Tech programs save thousands of tuition dollars and earn industry-based certificates that lead to gainful employment upon graduation.

  • Students who enroll in college courses in high school perform better once in college. These students figure out how to successfully navigate college requirements before even stepping foot on a college campus and begin their freshman year with great confidence. These students are also able to avoid enrolling in non-credit bearing remedial courses linked to lower college completion rates

  • Students who have finalized their post-secondary goals and are ready to specialize will find concurrent enrollment opportunities highly relevant and engaging. We know that students perform better when they are emotionally invested in their education. Our concurrent enrollment programs inspire students to take ownership of their high school experience and get excited about actualizing their potential.

Collegiate Partners & Eligibility

Who is eligible for concurrent enrollment?

Our goal is to enroll all students in a concurrent enrollment course at some point in their high school career, though specific eligibility requirements vary by program.


To qualify for the program a student must:

  • be under 21 years of age and enrolled in any Aurora Public School and in grades 9-12
  • have Accuplacer, CCPT, ACT or SAT scores appropriate for the approved class or classes OR meet APS grade waiver qualifications.
  • have parent or guardian and high school counselor signatures and approval.

APS will cover tuition under Concurrent Enrollment. Students will be responsible for the cost of books for each course.


All new Concurrent Enrollment students will be required to attend an orientation session where they will meet other Concurrent Enrollment students, learn about resources available on CCA's campuses. Please register online:


Students may also qualify to take college courses during a fifth year of high school in the ASCENT Program.

  • Free college of course. But more than this, the APS ASCENT program provides students with exceptional support, preparing them for long-term college success.
  • As part of the Student Success Center, CCA students receive transfer services including visits to four-year universities and strategic advising, ensuring CCA classes align with bachelor degree plans.
  • Both CCA & MSU Denver students receive assistance applying for scholarships and financial aid to assist them after their ASCENT year.
  • PTC students develop 21st century skills leading to employment in a specialized field.