Health & Wellness

The Olympian Wellness Center provides comprehensive, caring and affordable healthcare to APS students and their younger siblings. It operates on a sliding fee scale and the cost for care ranges from totally free to just seven dollars. It offers primary healthcare, behavioral health, and dental services.

Patients can be seen for annual check-ups/physicals, immunizations, chronic condition (ex: asthma) management, acute illness (ex: strep throat), one-on-one behavioral health sessions and more. Most insurances are accepted and assistance is available for the uninsured.

The Olympian Wellness Center was made possible through a generous grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, as well as partnerships with Every Child Pediatrics and Aurora Mental Health. As noted in ourAPS 2020: Shaping the Futurestrategic plan, we believe community partnerships provide vital resources and opportunities for students and families.

1300 S. Sable Blvd Aurora,CO 80012

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