ROTC Year 1

The first year course is predominantly a historical perspective of the role of the military throughout the history of the United States with emphasis on aerospace developments and their influence on National Policy and objectives worldwide. In addition, the course provides leadership experiences that help to develop positive attitudes toward authority, responsibility, and self-discipline. There is also concentrated study on the history of the American flag and the customs and courtesies rendered to it.

Aerospace and Flight

ROTC Year 2

The second-year course is a science course designed to acquaint the student with the aerospace environment, the principles of flight and navigation, and human limitations to flight. Leadership hours stress communications skills and leadership principles. The student is afforded opportunities to hold positions of greater responsibility in the planning and execution of cadet corps projects. Also, instruction is given in Lifetime Wellness.

Space Crafts and Space Travel

ROTC Year 3

This third year is a science course that discusses principles of propulsion systems, fundamentals of rocketry and its application to spacecraft, principles underlying space travel, and various management techniques and principles with an emphasis on stress management, financial management, and managing others. In addition, the course covers systems of government and the government of the United States. Also, instruction is given in Lifetime Wellness.

Management and Organization

ROTC Year 4

The fourth-year curriculum consists of management of cadet corps. The cadets run the entire Corps during the fourth year. This hands-on experience affords the cadets the opportunity to put the theories of previous leadership courses into practice. The cadets practice their communications, decision-making, personal interaction, managerial, and organizational skills. The Cadets are also challenged with a self-paced study program entitled, "Life After High School." This text covers areas such as selecting a career, life in the Air Force, and major principles of job search.

 Air Force JROTC