Nury Wilkins

English Language Development Teacher

I love working at Gateway because it is a very diverse school, that’s what makes it so special!
Sometimes you feel like you are traveling without leaving the classroom or building. That’s because every day you get to know something new about the students and their culture.

About Me

I was born and raised in Costa Rica!  I became an English teacher in Costa Rica in 1997, then I continued with my career in the United States when I moved to Colorado in 2012. People say that I am good at bossing people.
I am an enthusiastic, caring, friendly, and kind person. I have a lot of patience, I am a good listener and a good communicator. I have a good sense of humor, I am sarcastic sometimes, and I have a passion for learning and helping others. I am very organized, I am creative, and I love diversity.

My students know me not just as a teacher but as a person outside the school! It is easier for me to teach students when we get to know each other!


  • Dual Bachelor's Degree: English Language Arts English as a Second Language. Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

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