Melanie Rose

Art - Photography

Education is vital for everyone no matter their background to excel in all areas of life. Exposure to the fine arts enhances intelligence and quality of life. In my art classroom, I target the whole person by exposing students to the past (art history- which comes from all aspects of life), the present (processes of creativity) and the future by giving students confidence. Targeting the whole student allows students to explore their own and others history, present, and future and sparks conversation and acceptance of each students personal culture. Students incorporate literacy, culture, art content standards, problem solving, creativity, and perseverance. These are all important in art and other classes. Students deserve respect and a positive adult influence in their lives. I am enthusiastic, affirm and acknowledge my students, while encouraging them to live life one step at a time. Each student enters my classroom with unique qualities that I support and enhance in a nurturing and understanding atmosphere. As a teacher, I guide the students, but it is ultimately the students who will be learning and creating their own masterpieces.

About Me

Mrs. Rose studied painting in Southern California where she had the opportunity to bring the arts to at-risk youth who found art to be their second voice. During a study abroad in Italy, Melanie fell in love with photography and began to mix painting and photography. As a native Coloradan, she loves to be in nature, but she’s also enjoyed traveling the world and taking photographs. She’s intrigued by small interactions that are often overlooked and strives to find joy in the simplistic beauty she encounters. She enjoys her students’, teaching art, but above all she loves to being at home in her pajamas spending time with her family.


  • Post-Bac. Certificate in Photography- Studio Arts Center International
  • BA in Art with concentration in secondary art education- Azusa Pacific University

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