Greg Newman


I have always been passionate about “the great outdoors”, which has translated into my love for Biology. Because of this, I enjoy trying to get students interested in Biology as well.

About Me

I was born in California, but moved to Colorado in 1970 when I was seven. I grew up in Parker when Parker was pretty much “the country”, and not just an extension of the Metro area. We had horses, lived on 3 acres, and had lots of forested area around us. I used to ride my bike a lot, along with riding the horses. Growing up, we went camping almost every weekend in the summer, which contributed to my love of the outdoors, and my interest in Biology. When people ask why I became a teacher, I tell them, “I became a teacher to have my summers off. But why did I stay a teacher for 29 years? Because I like teaching!”


  • MA-Technology in Education, University of Phoenix
  • BA- Science Education- University of Northern Colorado + 4 years of Wildlife Biology at CSU

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