Positive Behavior Support – TORCH

Gateway High School's
Positive Behavior Support System (PBiS)


Over the past several years Gateway High School has been working to improve the learning climate for all stakeholders. Last spring we were accepted to become the first High School in the Aurora Public School System to work with the Colorado Department of Education as a member of the Positive Behavior Support Initiative.

Positive Behavior Support is a pro-active, research based; school-wide systems based approach of Positive Behavior Supports. When paired with effective instructional strategies, PBS sets the stage for student success and achievement. PBS is NOT a program, curriculum, or discipline package; it is a system or process for “Working Smarter”.

Our involvement with the Colorado Department of Education and PBS is an exciting undertaking. Colorado is nationally recognized for their PBS model and has a huge following in the state. Currently, there are 405 schools in 48 districts implementing PBS in Colorado. Several of Gateway High School feeder elementary and middle schools have also been accepted to pilot PBS in their schools and thus support our efforts as these students will soon be Olympians.

Some of the major components of school wide PBS include:

  • common approach to discipline,
  • positively stated expectations for all students and staff,
  • procedures for teaching these expectations to students,
  • a continuum of procedures for encouraging demonstration and maintenance of these expectations,
  • a continuum of procedures for discouraging rule-violating behavior, and
  • procedures for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the discipline system on a regular and frequent basis.

What does PBS look like at Gateway High School?

As Olympians we must carry the TORCH for a productive learning environment for all learners. Behaviors that support the success of all students need instructing and support by all staff members in and out of the building on a daily basis. Therefore our Vision and guiding principles must specifically state our belief.


  • To create a positive climate where we, as the Gateway High School community, are invested in our education, future, and success.


CARRYING THE TORCH at Gateway, our guiding principles:

T- Trustworthy

O- Organized

R- Respectful

C- Confident

H- Helpful

Staff and students at GHS are recognized by TORCH cards when they support others in the building. Once a TORCH card is given to a student they place their card in the bucket and are eligible to be TORCH BEARER for a day. As students or staff; it always feels good to be recognized for the positive work you do.