Attendance Policy


Regular attendance has a direct correlation to high levels of student learning and students are encouraged students to be in class and on time.  The Gateway High School attendance goal is to reach a 95% school-wide attendance rate. An absence is defined as non-attendance in class. An absence can be either “excused” or “unexcused” as outlined below. 

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will receive an automated phone call or email if students are marked absent during the day. If attendance becomes a concern, Gateway staff will work with families to problem solve. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) can obtain a student attendance report in the main office and and/or the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Attendance Philosophy

Daily class attendance is essential in order for students to obtain the greatest benefit from the education offered at Gateway High School.  Absences, whether excused or not, are detrimental to the learning process.

Absence Reporting Procedures

Only theParent(s)/Guardian(s) or legal guardian (as listed in our data-base) is permitted to call the attendance office to report an absence.  Students may not call for themselves unless they have provided documentation to prove legal emancipation. Contact APS Central Admissions for information regarding guardianship or emancipation 303-326-2200.

The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) is responsible for calling the Attendance Office within 24 hours of the absence.  The Attendance Clerks cannot accept emails or notes from home. Absences that are not reported by 8:00 am may be considered unexcused.  Per building policy, attendance clerks may not accept late calls.

Attendance Office Contact Information

From  7:00 am – 3:00 pm         303-755-7160

Outside line (voicemail only)            303-326-1672 (24-hours automated line)

When contacting the Attendance Office, please provide the following information…

  1.     Your name and relationship to student
  2.     Your student’s first and last name (spell out the last name if necessary)
  3.     Your student’s grade level
  4.     Date of your student’s absence and reason for absence
  5.     Your best contact number if we need to confirm or verify any further information

If a student is absent for three or more days, a doctor’s note may be required.

Partial Day Absences

Please provide 24-hours notice.  All partials must be confirmed by a Parent(s)/Guardian(s) before a student can be dismissed.  Students returning from a partial must check back in with the attendance office. Students must sign in and out of the main office when they leave and when they return.  Leaving school without checking out through the main office is considered an unexcused absence. As a reminder, students participating in CHSAA sanctioned activities and Gateway clubs and activities (including practice, competition, meetings, etc.) must attend school for at least 50% of the day to be eligible for participation on the day of absence.

Partials for illness will be handled through the School Nurse.  

Excused Absences

When a student has five or more excused days of absence during a nine-week time period, the Attendance Secretary shall complete an Attendance Referral to the Student Advocate.  The following absences are considered excused, when a Parent(s)/Guardian(s) has contacted the school via telephone or provided written notification/documentation to the school, as required.

  • Illness/Injury
  • Appointments/serious circumstances
  • Extracurricular experiences which have been approved by the school
  • Family business/family vacation days, which have been approved by the school
  • Funerals
  • Absence for an extended period due to physical, mental, or emotional disability
  • Suspended or expelled
  • In the custody of a court or law enforcement authorities/required court appearance


An attendance referral will be made in response to more than five unexcused absences/period in any nine week period.  Any student with more than 20 unexcused period absences, tardies or combination of both per semester could lose the privilege to participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics, dances or after-school functions.

Students with excessive absences will be identified by staff and will have access to student support services. 

Attendance Process

Number of Absences


1-2 Unexcused Absences in Quarter (9 weeks)

Automated Phone Call and email

3-4 Unexcused Absences in Quarter (9 weeks)

Teacher phone call home

+5 Unexcused Absences in Quarter (9 weeks) 

Referral to Student services


5 or more unexcused period absences in a 9 week period

After the initial referral to the Student Advocate, successive unexcused absences will result in an increase in the level of support.

  • Student Conference with the Student Advocate and School Counselor (including Parent(s)/Guardian(s) contact)
  • Attendance Contract
  • Loss of Off-Campus Privileges (including lunch and all other periods)
  • In-School Suspension or Alternative (Community Service)
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Conference/Home Visit
  • Truancy Notice

Students who are 17 years and older, who have been absent from school 20 or more consecutive days and who cannot be located, and students who are enrolled in an alternative placement such as day treatment, may be withdrawn from Gateway High School.

Any student who is found off campus while their privileges have been denied will be required to attend the Restorative Resource Center for the remainder of that day. TheParent(s)/Guardian(s) will be contacted and the Dean may decide to revoke the student’s off-campus privilege for the following nine-week period.

Tardy Policy

Being punctual is necessary for both college and career. A student is considered tardy if they are not in the classroom at the time of the bell. Within the first five minutes of the period, teachers will mark the student tardy in IC. After this time, students are required to go to a stationary post for a tardy pass. Students arriving to class 30- minutes after the bell will be marked absent.

Tardies will be excused with a note or phone call from the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) at the time of arrival.  Please check in with the Attendance Office. Excessive excused tardies within a 9 week period, may result in a referral to Student Services. 

Unexcused Tardies

Number of Tardies


1-4 Unexcused Tardies in Quarter (9 weeks)

Automated Phone Call

+5 Unexcused Tardies in Quarter (9weeks) 

Teacher Phone call home

Referral to Student services