Attendance Policy

Attendance Philosophy

Daily class attendance is essential in order for students to obtain the greatest benefit from the education offered at Gateway High School.  Absences, whether excused or not are detrimental to the learning process.

Absence Reporting Procedures

  • Only the parent or legal guardian (as listed in our data-base) is permitted to call the attendance office to report an absence.  Students may not call for themselves unless they have provided documentation to prove legal emancipation. Contact APS Central Admissions for information regarding guardianship or emancipation 303-326-2200.
  • The parent or guardian is responsible for calling the Attendance Office NO LATER THAN 8AM ON THE DAY FOLLOWING THE ABSENCE.  The Attendance Clerks cannot accept e-mails or notes from home.  Absences that are not reported by 8:00 am may be considered unexcused.  Per building policy, attendance clerks may not accept late calls.

Attendance Office Contact Information

From  7:00 am – 3:00 pm     303-755-7160

Outside line (voice mail only)            303-326-1672

            When contacting the Attendance Office, please leave the following information…

  1. Your name and relationship to student
  2. Your student’s first and last name (spell out the last name if necessary)
  3. Your student’s grade level
  4. Date of your student’s absence and reason for absence
  5. Your best contact number if we need to confirm or verify any further information

Automated Calls

Our data-base is designed to contact a parent or guardian via a household phone, cell phone, and or e-mail if your student was reported absent during the day.  The Auto-dialer automatically will make calls daily if a student happened to miss a class or perhaps his or her parents had not reported the absence.