Olys Finish Strong in 2019 Denver West HS Classic

Here's your results for the 2019 Denver West High School Classic.

Bright Ansah - Finalist, 6th Place

Slam Poetry:  
2nd Place - Jariah Mathrews
3rd Place - Autumn Wamsley
4th Place - Jakayla Strickland 

Student Congress: 
Bright Ansah - Presiding Officer of Congress
Jon Mitchell - Top Speaker (1st place) 
Special mention: 
Debate and Yearbook students Davyna Rath and Mindy Coleman have been singled out and hired as the official photographers for the Speech and Debate league!  

All of this as the team shares their responsibilities with the musical, state choir, and orchestra.  The Gateway team still shows how much fire they have!  Well done, team!  

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