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In partnership with the Athletic and Activities Departments, Gateway High School is launching a #GOTogether campaign, a fundraising appeal to raise much-needed funds for student programming. 

Every year, we are humbled and energized by the scale of the impact that our Athletic and Activities Departments have on the student experience. These programs, primarily powered by over $80,000 in revenue from student fees, ticket and concession sales, embody our commitment to providing students with in-school and after-school opportunities to thrive.  

As we adapt the avenues that typically sponsor this programming to an environment that keeps all students safe and abides by all public health guidelines, we are challenged with the task of gathering support from our community to help close the gap in funding this year. 

Join us in turning this challenge into a triumph, as the students are counting on all of us to #GoTogether and respond to the difficulties we are faced with due to the impact COVID-19. 

Join us in putting every effort into ensuring we can provide for our students year after year.

As the high school in Aurora where community is at the heart of student success, the funds raised from this campaign are vital to our mission and our commitment to the students. 

Let’s #GoTogether as a school community to close the gap and fill this need. 

A donation to the campaign is 100% tax deductible. 

Make a gift today.


Why donate?
What's the need for #GoTogether?
How do I donate?
How much should I donate?

Why should I donate to the #GoTogether campaign?

Gateway Athletics’ primary sources of fundraising for 2020-2021 were shut down by COVID-19. Over 300 Gateway students rely on this fundraising to participate in Gateway Athletics, so your donation directly helps these students access athletic services.


Why does Gateway Athletics need donations?

In addition to enriching our community, athletic games and events also contribute to Gateway’s annual athletics budget (specifically to fund the following year’s athletics programs). This year, these events had to be shut down for the safety of our community. This shut was not only difficult on an interpersonal level; it has also impacted Gateway Athletics fundraising for the 2020-2021 school year. 


How do I make a donation?

Fill out the form below or Venmo us at @GatewayOlys.


How much should I donate?

We’re grateful for your donation – every dollar counts. 

TBD additional donation levels

All donations are tax deductible.




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