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A full range of student support


We are counselors and mentors

Students are the heart of Gateway, and their success is what drives us.

With representation at each of our four grade levels, our counselors prioritize building authentic student relationships that deepen throughout high school. However, students are sometimes unsure of when they should visit with a school counselor, especially if they have rarely utilized them in the past. So, how can Gateway counselors help you?

Academic advising:

  • Credit checks / progress monitoring
  • Course selection
  • Study tips / organizational skills
  • SMART goal-setting
  • Tutoring resources

Post-secondary guidance:

  • Career exploration
  • College planning
  • Military recruitment
  • Internship & workforce opportunities
  • Interview, resume and networking workshops

Social/emotional support:

  • Distress tolerance / emotional management
  • Self-advocacy
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Small-group support
  • Teacher-peer-caretaker mediations

Students who develop close relationships with their school counselors tend to have more fulfilling high school experiences. Whether it’s helping you get into college, finding a job, or recovering from a setback, Gateway counselors are always dedicated to empowering our students and their families. 

Visit us

Meet our students and staff. We know you’ll love them.

We’re not just a group of buildings where students come to learn. We’re a family that cares about the success of every individual. We’re located in Aurora and welcome all students — those in our district and beyond. We have an open enrollment process and typically take applications from January through May. Visit us and see for yourself why Gateway is a great place to learn!