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Once An Oly, Always An Oly.

Apply for Open Enrollment to Gateway

Be an Oly!

Become a part of the student-focused community at Gateway High School.

Gateway creates an environment where every student can succeed with the opportunity to earn college credit, take on career and technical training, and become a part of a community with clubs, athletics, performing arts, and activities.

Earn College Credit

Concurrent Enrollment and Advanced Placement programs allow students to earn college credit at Gateway.

Education Services

Learning solutions to challenge, grow and empower each student.

Career and Technical Education

Computer Science, woodworking, engineering, and more.

Student Life

Athletics, performing arts, clubs and activities for every student.

The Application Process


Fill Out Application

Form is below. Contact us if you have any questions while completing the online form.


Submit The Form

Don’t forget to hit “Submit.” You will receive a confirmation email. 


Final Decision

Gateway High School will be in touch soon to notify you and your child of their admission status.

Things To Know First

All applicants must fill out the form below. 

Each student’s application will be considered in conjunction with grades, attendance, and disciplinary reports provided by the students’ current school.

  • If the student is not currently enrolled in an APS school, you will need to submit the above records in addition to the form below. You will receive further instructions after submission of the form below.
  • If the student is currently attending APS, no additional action is needed.

When To Apply?

Gateway High School accepts students year-round. Apply anytime.

Where to submit necessary documents?

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your application with further instructions regarding any additional documents we may need. Please collect documents in a digital format as these will need to be emailed.


Ready to apply to become part of the Gateway community? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon. 

    Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    Application is for school year:*


    Does the student currently have an IEP or Section 504 plan?*


    Email Address:*

    Is parent/guardian an employee of APS?*

    Reason for requesting open enrollment for Gateway High School. Please check all that apply:*
    Special program, magnet/pilot schoolChild of APS staffAffected by boundary changeDaycare is in neighborhoodSeeking choice enrollmentOther


    Has your child been expelled or has he/she been considered for expulsion at any time during the past
    12 months?*

    Is there a sibling of the student listed above already attending the school you are requesting?*

    Will that brother or sister still be attending the school you are requesting next school year?*

    Are you submitting an application for open enrollment for a sibling(s) of the student listed above?*

    Would you withdraw this request if a sibling(s) request was not honored?*


    If my initial application is unable to be approved by June 15, I request that this application be placed on the waiting list for consideration until open enrollment process ends.*