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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Courses at Gateway

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer students the college experience with the comforts and supports of high school.

One of the great advantages of the AP program is its flexibility: students may enroll in AP courses in a variety of subjects at any time throughout their high school careers without any prerequisite. Each college-level AP course culminates with a comprehensive exam that provides students the opportunity to earn college credit depending on their performance. These college credits are accepted at almost every college and university making them highly transferable and valuable. Moreover, a student who takes challenging AP courses signals to universities and themselves that they are ready for college. Excelling in these courses provides students with tremendous confidence that their eventual transition to college will be a smooth one. In fact, studies show that students who complete AP courses tend to perform better at college regardless of how well they score on the AP exam (see Figure 4 below). For all of these reasons, consider AP courses in your future at Gateway!

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