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Freshman Academy

The Freshman Academy is devoted to supporting students as they transition to high school. With attention to the academic, social, and emotional needs of young people, we aim to help every incoming student to chart a course for their high school career.

The Freshman Academy includes a team of educators committed to the experience and performance of this age group. Teachers of the four core subjects–English, Math, Social Studies, and Science–work exclusively with ninth grade students, as do the administrators, counselor, and case manager.  Teachers are assigned to cross-disciplinary teams and share many of the same students. Freshman core classes are located in close proximity to one another to promote a welcoming community atmosphere.

Here are just some of the benefits to participating in the Freshman Academy:

  • With consistent attention to the needs of young people adapting to high school at Gateway, teachers collaborate to design learning experiences that respond to the developmental and academic needs of students.
  • Faculty and staff develop relationships which allow us to identify challenges early and provide flexible assistance to students and families.
  • Students become acquainted with high school and practice effective habits with the support of a responsive community. As they assume ownership of their learning, they build constructive relationships to help them along their path toward graduation and post-secondary success

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We’re not just a group of buildings where students come to learn. We’re a family that cares about the success of every individual. We’re located in Aurora and welcome all students — those in our district and beyond. We have an open enrollment process and typically take applications from January through May. Visit us and see for yourself why Gateway is a great place to learn!