Parents & Students,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  This year the Gateway Booster Club is planning on helping student athletes and parents with activities and fund raisers to offset the costs of participating in sporting activities here at Gateway.

Our plan is to help with uniforms, activity fees, equipment, and travel costs.

But we need your help. We are looking for volunteers.  Whether you have a little bit of time or a lot, we could use your help with things like: stuffing flyers, helping run: concessions, raffles, bake sales, even meeting with corporate sponsors.

In addition to supporting our athletes, and improving the Gateway experience, we can help you, by providing you networking and face time with local business sponsors, letters of recommendation, resume building opportunities, and trackable volunteer hours.

If you are interested in joining our high energy, enthusiastic, ambitious Booster Club here at Gateway.   Please join us August 29th, from 7-7:45 pm in the school’s foyer for more information, and refreshments.

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