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5 Tips For A Successful Summer Break

The time is almost here! Students across the country are anticipating days with no classes to attend and mornings without a wake up alarm. Unlike summer 2020, summer this year seems a little brighter with high rates of COVID-19 vaccination and fewer restrictions. Make the most of your summer with these 5 tips for a successful break.

1. Maintain structure

Students tend to do better with structure and routine, especially those who may have mental health issues like anxiety and ADHD. Without the predictable routines of the school year, some students can be more prone to anxiety or oppositional behavior. This can be as simple as maintaining consistent meal times.

2. Make plans

Sometimes, the best days are those that are the most spontaneous. But other times, the routine of doing the same thing every day or doing nothing every day can make you or your student feel bored or indifferent. Elaborate plans aren’t necessary to have fun and make memories, but dedicating time to take a walk or go by the pool can change the entire course of your day and can be really beneficial for your mental health. Other simple yet effective plans include spending quality time with family members or doing physical activity. 

3. Set a goal

There’s so many things that students wish they had the time to accomplish during the school year, like learning a new instrument or reading for fun. Summer break is the perfect time to accomplish one or more of these goals! Set a goal for something that is easily in reach and doable, like reading a book or dedicating a certain number of hours to a project. 

4. Get outdoors

While it is very tempting to do when classes are not in session, it is not advisable to spend hours in front of the screen. When remote learning is over, it is no longer required to sit in front of a computer screen for hours, and students should take advantage of this new freedom! Visiting parks, trails, and other open outdoor areas are great ways to stay active and safe this summer. 

5. Connect with others

Whether it’s in-person or over zoom, remember to connect with your friends, family, and favorite classmates often! Writing letters or making a phone call to loved ones can brighten their day and help them feel less lonely and isolated. Picnics and backyard hang outs are low risk as they are outdoors and people can space out. 


We aren’t out of the woods yet with COVID-19, but this summer is definitely more promising than the last.