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According to recent data from the Department of Education, 21% of high schools and about 850,000 high school students nationwide do not have access to any school counselor. Additionally, 1.6 million students, kindergarten through high school, attend a school with a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer (SLEO), but without a school counselor. 

Knowing how vital counselors are to schools with their daily contributions, these statistics are concerning. Instead of getting the guidance they need, many students across the United States are cut off from access and disciplined in an extreme manner.

Without counselors, it is difficult to ensure that all students can become productive members of society as adults. As an important part of any education team, counselors step in to help all students in multiple ways. 

Many people may wonder what school counselors do on a daily basis, and assume it is just making changes to a student’s schedule or handing out applications for postsecondary opportunities. While this is an important part of what counselors do, it only scratches the surface of the real value they provide students and schools.

At Gateway, our counseling program is dedicated to empowering all of our students and their families to thrive. Our counselors are equipped to help you in three primary ways: academic advising, social-emotional learning and post-secondary guidance. Continue reading to learn more about what you’ll get from a visit with one of our counselors.

Academic advising

Working hand in hand with your teacher, counselors help schools deliver a meaningful academic experience to all students. By making sure you are taking the classes you need to learn core competencies, graduate on time, and be a competitive candidate for postsecondary opportunities, counselors are integral to your success in high school. 

At Gateway, this includes:

  • Credit checks / progress monitoring
  • Course selection
  • Study tips / organizational skills
  • SMART goal-setting
  • Tutoring resources

Social-emotional learning

Providing a thoughtful response to a student’s emotions is often a bigger job than teachers can do in the classroom on an individual level – this is where our counselors come in. With social-emotional learning, our counselors help students become more aware of how they feel, so they can regulate their reactions and make good decisions in any circumstance. As a result, school counselors are responsible for assisting students in developing healthy relationships with themselves, their classmates, and their teachers in and out of the classroom. 

At Gateway, this includes:

  • Distress tolerance / emotional management
  • Self-advocacy
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Small-group support
  • Teacher-peer-caretaker mediations

Post-secondary guidance

Our counselors can help you explore areas of interest and choose fitting pathways to help you get there. When it comes to planning for your future, our counselors are the best resources to help you see the bigger picture and know exactly what you’ll need to do to get there. The duties of school counselors involve encouraging and promoting a positive and equitable reception of career, military, college, and other postsecondary opportunities to every single student. To do this, they collaborate with not only families and teachers, but also recruiters and other student service professionals. 

At Gateway, this includes:

  • Career exploration
  • College planning
  • Military recruitment
  • Internship & workforce opportunities
  • Interview, resume and networking workshops

As champions of academic excellence, character development, and goal-setting for the future, counselors are primary advocates for equity in schools. They play key roles in making sure that students have access to the teachers and supports they need to be successful. Additionally, with their focus on guiding all students to success, counselors work every single day to close the opportunity gap that may exist for some of our students. 

Ultimately, it is clear that students who develop close relationships with their counselors tend to have more fulfilling experiences in high school. 


So, how can Gateway counselors help you? Take a few minutes to meet our counseling staff today.