Distance Learning: It Takes A Village

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This year, the relationship between families and schools has drastically changed. Across the country, many parents are finding themselves more involved in their child’s education due to the mandatory distance learning guidelines. According to recent survey data, almost 80 percent of parents have taken a bigger role in their kids education in recent months. Spanning various school systems, the data also suggests that parents now feel more connected to the work their child does. However, it is important to note that parents have reported feeling anxious, worried and frustrated as a result of COVID-19 school closures. These findings are not surprising, as distance learning is a tremendous adjustment for educators, students and parents alike.


The educators and staff at Gateway High School hope that parents and students take comfort in knowing that we are all in this together. Adapting the African proverb, we believe that it takes a village to prepare students for post-secondary success. We are confident that increased parental involvement will result in tangible benefits for the student, and that this deeper engagement can be the key to success in distance learning.

The Benefits Of Parent Involvement

Research has long recognized that children learn best when they are supported by significant adult figures in their lives. Whether that includes parents or other members of the family and community, students thrive when the important adults in their lives work together with their teachers to create a cohesive and expansive learning environment in and out of the school. According to the Parent Education Network, students with involved parents, regardless of factors like income or background, are more likely to:


  • Earn higher grades and/or test scores
  • Participate in higher-level programs
  • Pass their classes
  • Attend school regularly
  • Develop better social skills
  • Improve behavior and adapt to school
  • Graduate and pursue post-secondary opportunities

Engaging In Your Student’s Learning

At Gateway High School, we recognize that every family unit looks different, and many families have children of different ages, which can result in additional challenges for parents to engage in distance learning. Additionally, literacy levels, especially digital literacy skills, vary considerably for families. We aim to provide inclusive, accessible pathways for parents to be involved in distance learning and support their student’s learning at home. To help create a family engagement plan for your home, regardless of background, experience, and circumstance, we’ve outlined different ways parents can be involved in their child’s education.


Establish a home setting that supports your child as a student and shows them how to maintain the best learning environment that suits their individual needs.

Try this: Make sure your child is learning effectively at home, by regularly assessing and evaluating how they meet the standards set for their grade level.



Have regular, two-way communication with your child’s school to get meaningful updates on their educational and developmental progress.

Try this: Meet the teacher and provide useful information about your student and your family structure. This is a great opportunity to ask the teacher how you can support your child’s learning at home.



Connect with the school to find ways to help teachers and students reach their goals for this school year.

Try this: Join the PTA or another parent group that supports the school.



Be an active partner in the decisions about your child’s education, providing guidance so they can understand the best course of action.

Try this: Reach out to the teacher to ask how your child is doing and review their work.



Get involved and stay up-to-date with school policies and upcoming events.

Try this: Use school and community resources to find learning opportunities for your student.


At Gateway, we’re a family that cares about the success of every individual. We know that parent and community involvement is central to building the best learning environment for all students. We thrive in partnerships with families that create space to respond to concerns, provide support, and improve student achievement.

Join us in guiding our students’ progression as they become versatile, talented individuals that know what it takes to go from average to amazing. Learn more about our Olympian spirit and what makes Gateway stand apart here.