2020-2021 Student Open Enrollment Begins January 15th

Want to Become Part of the
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It's time for all students residing outside the GHS attendance area or students residing out of the district must submit an open enrollment application, and be accepted by Dr. Fay in order to attend here next year. 
Unless they are listed under the homeless act (McKinney Vento)
Please read through the following information for any future athletes, artists, club members that are participating in your programs.

Open Enrollment District Policies

The initial application period runs from Jan 15th (or the next avail school day) through May 1st yearly.

Applications received after June 15, 2019, are on waitlist status through the end of August.  We have to check for the total number of students.

Applications can be revoked at the end of a school year if 1 of these 4 criteria have not been met

  1. Prompt arrival and departure to & from school
  2. No more than 1 out of school suspension each year
  3. 95% attendance rate each year
  4. High School students must be on track for graduation

(9th 5.5 credits, 10th 11 credits, 11th 16.5 credits, 12th must be on target to graduate.)

Consideration Priority

  1. Resident/Nonresidents who apply, meet specific eligibility requirements, and are accepted into a pilot/magnet school or focus educational program, have 1st priority
  2. Students exercising choice under NCLB Act
  3. Children of APS staff
  4. Resident students who are entering the highest grade level at a school affected by boundary changes and wish to remain at that school (There are currently no boundary changes in district)
  5. Students receiving daily childcare within a school attendance area other than the one of residence
  6. Student applicants who are not district residents and are seeking new choice open enrollment
  7. Space Availability

Parent Questions

We are not able to provide parents any info regarding where they are on the waiting list, how many students we currently have, or speculate their chances of getting their students in. 

*All applications will be subject to Dr. Fay’s discretion regarding acceptance or denial. 

Applications are available in the main office, or they can be accessed via the APS Centralized Admissions Website. 

Within Aurora Public Schools Boundaries:

Outside Aurora Public Schools Boundaries:

All Open Enrollment Applications must be returned to Ms. Jimerson’s office for consideration. 

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