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Social Studies

Terry Bonewell
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Mr. Bonewell's Class Website
tdbonewell@aps.k12.co.usPhone: 303-326-4160
APS extension: 64160


Jill Cullis
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 jecullis@aps.k12.co.usPhone: 303-326-3775
APS extension: 63775


Samantha Gagnon
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sajgagnon@aps.k12.co.usPhone: 303-326-2144
APS extension: 62144


Christopher Glunz
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 Phone: 303-326-4941
APS extension: 64941


Elena Golt
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Mrs. Golt Class Website
emgolt@aps.k12.co.usPhone: 303-326-4906
APS extension: 64906


Colin Oates
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Mr. Oates Classroom Website
cmoates@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2941
APS extension: 62941


Colleen Mainger
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 cemainger@aps.k12.co.usPhone: 303-326-3614
APS extension: 63614


Corey Wiggins
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Mr. Wiggins Classroom Website
ctwiggins@aps.k12.co.usPhone: 303-326-4637
APS extension: 64637


Martin Wittmer
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 Mr. Wittmer Classroom Website
mlwittmer@aps.k12.co.usPhone: 303-326-4895
APS extension: 64895