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303-755-7160 (main office)
303-326-1672 (attendance)
303-326-1888 (Student Records Fax)
303-326-1272 (main office fax)
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Dr. Dackri Davis, Principal
Melanie Lawhorn, Secretary

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Dr. Dackri Davis - Principal

Accountability, Administration, Budgets, Community Rel., Concurrent Enrollment/CCA, Counselors, Department Chairs, ELD, English, Graduation Support, Hiring/Personnel, IB - Managebac, Lunch Coverage-MWF=A    TH=B, Main Office, Master Schedule, Mentor, , New Teachers/Student Teach, Prof. Learning, ProStart, Science, STEM/PLTW, Week Ahead, Writing Initiative: CLEAR, Yearbooks

dddavis@aps.k12.co.us  Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27203


Brian Duwe- Asst. Principal

Academic Awards, Campus Monitors, Depart. Budgets, Discipline, ESS, Freshmen Class, Graduation Support, Lunch MWF-A, B-Tu, Thurs, Junior Class, MTSS, 9th Grade Night, Nurse, Physical Education, Performing Arts, Prof. Learning Support, SAT-Support, Staff Handbook, Top 10, Transportation, Weekly Message, World Language

@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27221


Mehran Ahmed - Asst. Principal

AVID, Class (Seniors & Sophomores), Depart Budget, Digital Badging, ED2020, Graduation, IB Learner Profile, Lunch Coverage-MWF=B    TH=A, Math, Media Center, Parent Teacher Conferences, Profile/ATL, Substitutes, Social Studies, Testing (SAC), Torch Time, Visual Arts

 mdahmed@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27224


Rob Varner - Athletic and Activities Director

Activities & Athletics, Back-to-School, Emergencies, Keys, Physical Plant/Facilities, Teacher Check-in/check-out, Student Travel

rvarner@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27223


Jen Swiney - Student Advisory (A-G)

Alpha A-G, After School- Gym Steps , Attend./Truancy, Coverages, Discipline, Lunch Coverage, Secondary Evals

@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27287


Tony Gradishar - Student Advisory (H-O)

Alpha H-O, After School - Sable, Attend/Truancy, Restorative Approaches, Lunch Coverage, Secondary Evals

agradishar@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27336


Dr Teri Castelow - Student Advisory (P-Z)

Alpha P-Z, After School-Crosswalk, Attend./Truancy, Lunch Coverage, Restorative Approaches, Secondary Evals

@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27260


Amy Dudley - IB Coordinator
DP, DP Induction
 @aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27333


Jennifer Egan - MYP Coordinator
IB Day, MYP,
@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27232


Allison Benson - MTSS Coordinator
Attendance, After School - Buses, Discipline, NNN, Seniors, TORCH (formely PBIS)
ambenson@aps.k12.co.us Phone: 303-326-2000
APS extension: 27328