NCAA Information


Gateway’s contact person and resident ‘guru’ is Liz Felker so please feel free to direct students to her office in the counseling department for assistance with this process (no matter the grade level).  The information below is divided into grade levels so you can share the appropriate section with your students.
     If you would like to share more detailed information (coaches), you will also find an attachment for a Quick Reference Guide defining Division I & II requirements as well as the new 2016 Eligibility Requirements for Division 1.  (students can also get copies of these from Ms. Felker)

Download and View:

  1. NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide
  2. 2016 Division I New Academic Requirements

 Click on the Image below for the NCAA Timeline by Grade Levels at Gateway High School.  This is a great resource for all students.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.13.04 PM