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April 11th Assessment Day

Olys you will be participating in testing next month on April 11th and April 18th! 

Here is some important information you will need to know about these two days:

  • April 11th all freshman will be taking the PARCC English/Language Arts Exam, Sophomores will be taking the PSAT, and Juniors will be taking SATs. For the afternoon of April 11th students who have participated in the exam will be participating in a exploration day that afternoon. More information to come in Torch Time! 
  • Seniors on April 11th you be participating in a Future Fair which will be on April 11th where you have a chance to meet with different individuals about job opportunities, speak with college officials, go on college visits, job shadow, and other options for the day! More information to come during your senior meeting on March 21st. 
  • April 18th freshman will be taking PARCC Math exam and Juniors you will be taking the CMAS Science exam. 
  • Sophomores and Seniors you will report to school for the afternoon and we will run a modified schedule for the afternoon.

This is a exciting time of year! Lets get ready Oly’s and represent on our exams!